Saturday, December 01, 2007


I'm waiting. Actively waiting, but waiting nonetheless. And sometimes waiting for blessings to come it seems as if they will never be here.
This morning I was blessed with a simple and repeat observation. My roommate Anna was looking at photos that her sister Amy recently put online of her little family. Amy has two beautiful two month old babies, a set of twins adopted by her and her husband. They are so precious, and the glowing smiles on Mom and Dad's faces are almost as lovely as the children themselves. The entire extended family has spent the last two months rejoicing in these bright little babies; they are a part of the family as if they always have been.
In looking at these pictures and sharing in the feelings of joy, I found myself remembering the years leading up to this day. I remembered how much Amy and her husband Kelly had longed to start their family; how many treatments and options they had gone through in an effort to get pregnant. I remembered how the entire family would fast together and pray repeatedly for them to have these worthy and important blessings in their lives. I remembered their decision to try for adoption and the different difficulties and hopings inherent in that. Mostly I remembered the longing throughout her family for Amy to have this blessing that she yearned for above all else. I have never even spoken with Amy about it, but I have even felt it myself--and joined in the fasting for this little family to be blessed with children.
And here, finally, 2-3 years later, they have two beautiful children. It is as if the longing is completely forgotten in the joy of the current reality.
As I looked at the pictures of these babies; I couldn't help but wonder how it would feel when that which I yearn for comes into my life. I imagine that the joy and the matter-of-fact-ed-ness of the situation will completely overshadow the longing I once felt. It will feel as if I have always had it, as if I was never without it. I may remember, but the pain won't be real to me anymore. And so it is with blessings. When we finally, finally get them, our fullness of joy in the receiving will be all that we know.
A good thing to remember in the waiting.