Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Open the eyes of my Understanding (pt 2)

Um, I got on here to post a birth story.  Of my second birth.  With Riley, my husband.  So, yeah, I guess it's been awhile since I've posted anything and I simply must finish the story that I started what, 3 years ago?  Even though no one reads this blog...
So, I spent a good 45 minutes in that stream looking for Riley's phone.  It most certainly was NOT where he left it.  I checked that spot over and over.  I prayed, again.  I looked, again.  I got REALLY frustrated that no one was answering my prayers.  After all, I prayed, I visualized the outcome I wanted, I was doing everything right.  I DESERVED to find that phone!
In frustration I was about to give up.  At that point I realized that maybe, just maybe, I was wrong about where we had left the phone.  I humbled myself.  I told the Lord that I was willing to be wrong and asked if He had any guidance for me.  I received the thought to go back to the very beginning where we first got into the stream.  Although I knew full well it wasn't there, I went there anyways.
And, of course, there it was.  Easy to find, bright as day.  And I was humbled.  Oh how often I do this!  I did then and I STILL do, although 3 years later I am wrong so often that I am much quicker to humble myself and ask the Lord where He thinks it is and allow for an answer rather than get stuck on something needing to be where or how I think it is.
Actually, it is interesting now to finish this post three years later.  Because I notice that the first part of the post I mentioned that I wasn't sure about Riley.  Our courtship (and marriage) was very parallel to this experience.  I always knew what the man I was going to marry would look like.  The image was so clear in my head that it took me years to see what the Lord saw and the Lord knew.  I had to move forward with His eyes in choosing to marry my darling Riley.  And now, 2.5 years into our marriage, I am only beginning to see.  I get glimpses of how astoundingly perfect this match is for me.  But I still have to stop often and choose to see what God knows over what I think I know.  And now, as I did that day at the stream, I bow my head in the humblest gratitude for God guiding me--in the little things and the big.


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