Saturday, April 28, 2012


I've heard it said before that your mess is your message (attributed to Leslie Householder--bot sure if she said it or was repeating someone else.) Well, I don't really have any messes except for the clothes that I failed to put away and the dirty dishes that need cleaning. But every once in awhile something happens to break through my barrier of seeming togetherness. This time it was the realization that I'm holding back on my dreams, on what I am all about because of fear. I realized yesterday, in the midst of my two month unemployment spree that the difficulty here was that I know deep down that I am a director but I haven't been presenting myself that way. Amazingly everyone else seems to be able to see this. Its time I did, too. No, I may not know what exactly I am supposed to do next--but I do know that whatever these fears are inside me, I have to push through them. And so I will.


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