Thursday, July 19, 2012

Open the Eyes of My Understanding (Pt. 1)

On Sunday I was fasting.  I have, of all things, some questions.  Seemingly big questions that knock around in my head day in and day out.  I love Riley.  I think he's who I want to marry.  I love Riley.  I don't think he's my best match.  I think the Lord blesses our choice to be together.  I think the Lord wants something else.  I think...I might be confused. 

About a month ago Riley and I walked down the creek behind my house.  Let me clarify--we walked IN the stream, of course.  Knowing our history with creeks and the inevitability of being pushed in when we're together, at some point on our journey Riley took his phone out and placed it on the bank of the river.  I couldn't quite feel like this was a good idea, as the area is wooded and all looks very similar.  But I took a photograph in my mind of the spot--noticing the particular bend of the bank and an orange plastic tie attached to a tree exactly opposite of where Riley set down the phone.  That would help when we came back to find it. 

As it turned out, at the bottom of the stream I realized I needed to hurry if I was going to make the appointment I had for the evening.  So I got out and ran up the road to my house.  Riley went back along the river to look for his phone. 

When I returned home that evening I saw that I had a note in my door.  Although he looked for over an hour, Riley had not found his phone and asked if I might spend some time looking for it in the morning.  I'm sure I rolled my eyes and thought that even though I pointed out to him some important markers to help him find it, that he hadn't paid attention.

 So the next morning, confident in my finding skills, I headed down to the exact place where I knew he had left his phone.   Not before praying first, of course.  Because I knew that the Lord cares about things that are important to us, even if they are small and not important in the bigger scheme of things.  I knew that praying in faith and believing fully helped me help a young lady find a gold earring in a cloudy lake once during girl's camp.  He would without a doubt help me find this phone.

What I didn't take into account however, was that the thing that was important to me was finding the phone quickly so that I could feel self-satisfied with my ability to be led by the Spirit and work with the Lord and then have the opportunity to show Riley how this faith thing is done.  Strangely it appears that this desire of mine was NOT important to the Lord...

(Apparently I am dividing this up into two parts, namely because I've run out of time and want to avoid the tendency I have of half-writing posts and then never finishing them...)
Pt. 2 to follow, hopefully later today...


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