Wednesday, May 17, 2006

email from Grandma

"I had to send an e-mail first thing this morning, so here I am to say "Hi, how 'ya doing dear?" What is happening in your life these days? Hope nothing but good things!!! When I see the morning news coming from N.Y. I marvel at the pace everyone keeps and the incredible traffic jams. How are you handling all that....expecially since you come from Cottonwood. Guess when you are young, it's exciting to be a part of the big apple. Did you take that position in the Catholic school? See, I'm full of questions! We are doing fine here in the Ozarks. Bowling season is over and I received the award for the most improved bowler of the season......yeah!!!!!! Gramps and I still go bowling by ourselves on Fridays which is fun. His life consists of taking long naps and sitting at the computer. We still hold hands occasionally when he plops himself on the sofa beside me in the evening. How great is that after being married 60 years! Hope you find someone to share your life with who truly appreciates the beautiful person you are. Don't ever change!!!! Love you, Gram Z."

no one else, Grandma, I promise.


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