Sunday, May 14, 2006

in all reality

One of the reasons that I didn't want to start a blog is because most of my thoughts tend to be on one topic and I feel like they are more journal-type-share-with-my-friends-and people-who-understand-me thoughts and not-to-be-aired-in-public-type thoughts. But then I realized that the only people who will ever read my blog are people who know me anyway and that the really personal things I do only place in my journal so I really can talk about that which occupies my mind which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the way that I feel about it and the way that I understand it and the way that our minds expand and the instant you begin to grasp ahold of one detail of one eternal principle you also find an entire black hole (white hole? because its the fulness of light?) of information inspiration and how there is no end to our learning and progression and we need to just keep asking questions. The cool thing is though, that there are answers!! All of them! And we can get a ton of them here and a ton of them later and dang, I love learning about the things that really, really matter.


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