Tuesday, May 16, 2006

luscious hair convention

when my sister and I would see a number of people in a certain area all with similar characteristics we would claim that there must have just been a convention of some sort. A miniskirt convention. A weather forecaster convention. A neon coolots convention.
I had the opportunity the other day to ride home on the same train with what must have been the remnants of a luscious hair convention for men. In one train car I saw four men with shoulder length to long hair, all them perfectly product-ed and swingy, some with curls, some wavy, all with that Pantene shakeability and the "come on, just touch me" siren song of up and coming Fabios. And despite my inability to look away, I was reminded of a personal motto: never date a man whose hair is more luscious than your own. Amend that--never date a man who has any physical characteristic that can be qualified as "luscious."


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